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Business contents

Technical support

Thermal & Structural designing analysis support

We believe we can provide appropriate consulting services from the conceptual design stage through to evaluation test stages, based on our long time experience in thermal-structural design analysis. We have ever supported for extensive kinds of products, from related to automobile to small electronic devices. Especially in the space field, we have experienced designing analysis support for many satellites and devices for it. When doing analysis for you, we are modeling most appropriate hardware considering design and testing based on our wide experience and past results, in order to create a mathematical model, and then executes various evaluation analysis. The tools we have used with are NASTRAN, ANSYS, Ideas-TMG, Thermal Desktop, SINDA and etc.

Thermal & structural test support

Since we have been supporting to make plans and implement and evaluate testing related to structure, thermal vacuum testing and thermal cycle testing in various fields, we are confident to be able to offer various sound advice for testing products. We also have provided hardware and software for control equipments needed to the test.

Sales of software

We are selling, supporting, training and providing consulting service for thermal fluid simulation software in below which we have used with for our design analysis.