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Our Handling of Personal Information


Planet Technology International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited (“Planet”) has been doing business including followings;Software solution: Based on experience of developing various software including control system and business system, Planet provides high quality solution which can meet the customer’s needs. Hardware solution: Planet offers solution for hardware, communication instruments and microwave equipments which can satisfy customer’s various requirements flexibly, providing design, development, implementation and support.Aerospace solution: Planet provides wide service of consulting thermal & structural design analysis, as main service, and sales and support for various analysis software, supporting for implementation and purchasing , which can adapt to customer’s requirements.Digital contents solution:Support for SEO, SEM:
"Planet" has tried for protection of all personal information having gotten through business activity. “Planet” establishes this privacy policy to deal with the important personal information safely as the action standard that all of executives and regular employees should observe.

  • 1.  "Planet" observes laws and ordinances, the guidance and other standards that Government establishes for about the personal information and executives information protection to be handled through business.
  • 2.  “Planet” establishes protection of personal information management system, as , complying with “Personal information protection management systems ? Requirements” (JIS Q 15001) of the Japanese Industrial Standards, and properly maintains and operates it.
  • 3.  “Planet” appropriately uses the personal information within the purpose, after making the presence of a use of purpose and the offer clearly in advance and getting consent of the person, and “Planet” takes any measures not to use the purpose outside, when obtaining the personal information.
  • 4.  In the cases “Planet” assigns the handling or provides of personal information obtained in accordance with item 3 above, in whole or part, to a third party, “Planet” selects a person who can satisfy the adequate level to the protection, and “Planet” shall take appropriate measures like as concluding contracts.
  • 5.  “Planet” implements reasonable safety and correction measures for the risk like as unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information.
  • 6.  For any complaint and consultation about the personal information protection, please contact “Planet” in below address and phone number.
  • 7.  “Planet” respond immediately to the request to disclose, to amend, to delete and to discontinue utilizing the personal information for the person who requested.
  • 8.  “Planet” may revise the Our Handling of Personal Information or the Program to better protect customers' personal data or to comply with changes in the applicable laws and regulations.

Established: 3 August 2011
Planet Technology International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited
Managing Director Toru Yanagihara

For any complaint and consultation about the personal information protection, please contact “Planet” below.

Planet Technology International (Hong Kong) Co., Limited Corporate Division
Room 1104, 11/F, Crawford House,
70 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong.