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Product Information


SINDA/FLUINT is general-purpose thermo-fluid analysis system being integrating solvers of thermal analysis, SINDA, and fluid analysis, FLUINT. Although can be used as stand-alone, it is also possible to use as systematic simulation including geometry modeling by combining with Thermal Disktop®. SINDA/FLUINT has been used in more than 500 companies in more than 25 countries in the world, and application is various fields ranging from aerospace, electronics, petrochemical, biochemistry, to automobile. Since SINDA/FLUINT has been used especially in aerospace field, including NASA, as thermal designing and analysis tool, It's not too much to say “standard”. Code of SINDA/FLUINT is excellent in it’s expandability, customization on analytical method, accuracy of calculation, collection of post-process, iterative processing of multi-task can be possible respectively.   Because of Fortran base, user program can be created and integrated in it. Since input file of text base is used, it is recommended to combine with GUI tool considering development and revise of model, and maintenance. Thermal Desktop;® is the best solution for 3D geometry, and can run SINDA/FUINT directly as well as can output code of SINDA/FLUINT.


  • Simulation for thermal network of radiation, conductance and convection
  • Steady and transient calculation of fluid mixed model
  • Sub-model function considering maintenance and coupling of model
  • Temperature and time dependence of material property can be input
  • Re-start function and parametric analysis option
  • Widely varying library (heaters, phase-change materials, numerical calculation routine, etc.)
  • Modeling routine of special device, like as heat pipe and chiller and ablation, and physical phenomenon
  • High level advanced functions (like as goal seek, optimization, automatic correlation with test data)
  • Expandability like as integrating user logic

In addition, there are the following characteristics and functions in FLUINT for fluid

  • Fluid characteristics user can define
  • Compressibility and incompressibility can be used
  • Consideration for molecular weight which is function of pressure and temperature
  • Chemical reaction model can be used
  • Library of common pumps, valves, ducts, etc..
    (Pressure loss coefficient can be also automatically calculated)
  • Single phase of gas and liquid and phase-change like as boil and condensation can be used
  • Kinds of it, simultaneous flow and slip flow can be defined in two-phase flow
  • Standard models of common turbo-machinery equipments, like as turbine and compressor, are included
  • physical phenomenon like as wick and capillary pump can be handled.
  • Thermal transfer calculation function of natural convection can be included

Flow Regime Mapping

SINDA¥/FLUINT System Requirements

OS 64 Bit Version : Windows 7,8 or 10
FortranCompiler Intel® Visual Fortran Version 11.1.048 or newer
Intel® Visual Fortran Composer : expect for 2011,2018
Memory 2GB (4GB recommended)